VACCI Business Consulting we began operations in Monterrey, Mexico in 1995 with the idea of helping our clients to transform their vision of what an organization wants to be into specific actions to meet their goals. Our name is a reflection of our mission: “Transform Vision into Action”. VACCI bases its activities in three domains:

  • Strategy
  • Talent Management
  • Quality of Service

We specialize in Companies whose evolution has not been synchronized, and where some of their core elements: strategy, processes, structure and/or culture, must be revised, strengthened or aligned with the rest.

In VACCI, what makes us different is our integral business focus, where company strategy and management of human talent interrelate with a global vision. We emphasize the creation of custom-made solutions where innovation and technology build a competitive advantage for our clients. Our consultants transfer their knowledge and institutional experience to our clients. We like to get involved in the implementation and maintenance of the proposed solutions to guarantee their success.

The Values that guide our actions are:
High Professional Standards
Quality of Service
Continuous Aspiration for Excellence